Villagers publish article

This article appears on large posters on walls around the village. Titled, "Deciphering Xian Village," the article outlines a series of affronts perpetrated by the village government, including "bullying, pressure, intimidation, evil power, cutting of electricity and water, arson, abuse of police power, and illegal arrest ." The villagers ask, " much exchange occurs behind a black screen of nefarious deals? Do the upper level departments represent the interests of the village leaders or the people’s interests?" The villagers demand the publication of the village finances, new elections to choose a new group of leaders and new discussions on the subject of demolition. Interestingly, while the article claims to be excerpted from the Wall Street Journal, it appears with a People's Daily masthead. Judging from the style of writing, I suspect that the article was written by the villagers themselves, and made to look like a foreign publication in order to gain legitimacy.

Below, find a translation of the article. The translation is very very rough.  Translation of villager posted article


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