Views of Xian Village from above

Xian Village from the 16th floor of the Chun Du Hotel, Huangpu Dadao, facing southeast

View from Chundu Hotel, Huangpu Dadao, facing south

Xian Village is not labeled, but it is the entire city block in which you see the lake.

Xian Village by satellite. The apartment developments at the bottom are similar to those which will occupy Xian Village under the proposed plan.

Xian Village lies within Guangzhou's new Central Business District. Surrounded by modern shopping malls, 100 story office buildings, and modern apartment developments, Xian Village and its hodgepodge of slumlike alleyways sit on valuable real estate.

From above, it is easy to understand the motivations behind Xian Village’s development. Xian Village lies walking distance away from Guangzhou’s new Opera House, Provincial History Museum, new library, Ritz-Carlton, Westin Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, six 100 story office buildings nearing completion, and an expansive park. In contrast, in Xian Village, sunlight light squeezes through the cracks in between poorly planned buildings and barred windows.

Yet as propaganda posters praise the value of sharing in development and harmonious growth,  it is uncertain who currently living within Xian Village’s newly constructed walls will have the opportunity to enjoy the future space.



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